***FAQs are questions and answers we received in either public meetings, face-to-face meetings, or other interaction with residents and businesses.  These are a small example from a Storm Sewer Project.

  • What is the Town doing with this Storm sewer project?
    The Town is building a separated storm sewer system designed to help relieve the flooding problems that have plagued the Town for decades.
  • Why is the Town building a separated storm sewer system?
    The Town is building the new storm sewer because it was recommended by engineers as the most effective way to help relieve the chronic flooding problems throughout the village.
  • Why is Phase 1 being done first?
    Cumberland, Roslyn, and Melrose are being done first because engineering studies have indicated that these streets will bring the best relief to the area most quickly and that even streets that are not being constructed will see benefits from this project.
  • Will this project stop all of the flooding?
    While the system is designed to relieve the flooding problems, there is no guarantee that future flooding will not occur. However, the project has been designed to keep storm water within the confines of the curbs and the parkways to the greatest extent possible.
  • Is green infrastructure really necessary?
    Green infrastructure is a very important component to the success of the project. Green infrastructure is necessary if the Town hopes to be able to release storm water to Lake Michigan.
  • Is the green infrastructure more expensive than regular streets?
    Yes. While green infrastructure is more expensive than traditional street design, the benefits to the environment are significant. Additionally, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) is participating in this project and are covering a majority of the costs associated with green infrastructure.
  • How will the project be funded?
    The project will be funded from bonds that the Town issued in 2012 for this project. Additionally, the MWRD is participating with funding of the project in the amount of nearly $1 million.
  • How long will the project take to be completed?
    The project is anticipated to take at least one construction season and the total duration of the project will not be known until bids for the project are formally received.