Overhead to Underground Conversion of Utilities

The Town of Longboat Key is a ten-mile long barrier island within both Manatee and Sarasota Counties. The northern half of the Town is located in Manatee County, while the southern half is located in Sarasota County. The Town is off the coast of Sarasota in Southwest Florida that has a reputation as an affluent residential community, particularly for retirees who relocate predominantly from northern states. The Town is bordered on the east by Sarasota Bay and on the west by the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) State Road 789, is the main thoroughfare through the Town that runs in the North-South direction. The Town supplies potable water and wastewater services to its residents. Other utility companies providing service to the residents include Florida Power and Light (FPL), Comcast, Verizon, and TECO Peoples Gas (TECO). Some of these utilities are located on power poles within the GMD right-of-way and the Town’s neighborhood streets. The Town is converting the overhead electric utilities to underground and simultaneously installing a Town-wide fiber optic network.

The Town conducted two referenda seeking voter approval to borrow sufficient funds to pay for the undergrounding of GMD (GMD Project) and the neighborhood streets (Neighborhood Project), (collectively, the Projects). Both referenda passed and both Projects are authorized. The non-ad valorem assessments for the GMD Project are now being collected with the current tax bills. The Neighborhood Project assessments have not yet been set and will be adopted once a more accurate Project cost estimate is established. This is expected to occur during 2017.

Construction of both Projects will occur simultaneously but must be accounted for separately to meet financing requirements.

The Projects have been divided into named phases. Each phase will include portions of the Neighborhood Project and GMD Project. The phases (Phases) are:

*  Phase 1: County Club Shores

*  Phase 2: The Village South to Dream Island Road

*  Phase 3: Buttonwood Cove South to County Club Shores

*  Phase 4: Dream Island Road South to the Zota Hotel

*  Phase 5: Zota Hotel South to Buttonwood Cove

The Town has and will continue to have various contractors and consultants under contract providing assistance during the entire project development and referenda process. Coordination with any and all contractors, consultants, and subcontractors working on the Projects will be required at all times. Under the MCA or a Work Assignment thereunder, the awarded Proposer(s) may be responsible for managing the contracts with any and all current or future contractors and consultants involved with the Projects. The contractors and consultants currently working on the Projects are:

*  Brannon and Gillespie (Engineering Services)

*  Wildan Financial (Financial Services)

*  Hyatt Survey Services, Inc. (Survey Services)

*  George F. Young, Inc. (Survey Services)

*  Bryant, Miller, and Olive (Bond Counsel)

*  Magellan Advisors, LLC (Fiber Optic Planning Services)